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Serenity is MY Butterfly

Serenity would be standing here, if not for her wings.

There are days when I wonder, what would you be.

A doctor, a lawyer, or a singer on Glee, that future is unwritten but this I know.

You would be smart like your mother, which no one would be able to deny.

Athletic like your uncle, you would reach the sky.

And Mischevious like your father, defintely an apple of his eye.

I’m sorry you’re not here butterfly, it hurt my sister so.

But I know you’re in a better place, atlast your place is at his right hand.

Everytime I look to the sky it never ceases to amaze me, and I know its  in no small part to you.

Happy Birthday, Butterfly love Uncle Gary.


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BUTTERFLY is my new favorite word.

Don’t you love how delicate it can be.

Only the few will get this reference,
so don’t wonder why, so don’t even try.

Don’t you love how freeing it can be.

Only a few will learn this lesson,
so don’t even try, so don’t wonder why.

Don’t you love how powerful it can be.

BUTTERFLY is my new favorite word.


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His Prophecy

A male heir infant,
will be orphaned as a child,
born of fire and ice.

Cloaked and lost to all,
Found helpless like a human,
yet born with power.

He must be convinced,
the key to winning the war,
he will have no equal.

Rising from death’s ashes,
her guidance will chart his course,
guardian to whom.

Torn between two worlds,
her love will decide our fate,
for he will be the Phoenix.

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Untitled 022011

Ye of little faith,
Its better to be bastards and lame
for falling on the sword
is fitting justice for the life lived

In the agony of morning life
until the evening of youth
We wonder its quandaries
and ponder its relevance

But accepting life’s fashion
is boon of our society
Tis Romeo to speak of it
and be Macbeth not to

As wee live and breath
Its there fore the taking
Yet to step on the ledge
will lead to a path greatly worn
following Star Trek’s motto

When embraced hurts
as much as it comforts
Only when one’s obedience is blind
will it reveal its secrets

Found in the twilight of life
When moors have been swam
and shores conquered
Only when our memory is like the elephant’s
Does one really consider it relevant

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