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Serenity is MY Butterfly

Serenity would be standing here, if not for her wings.

There are days when I wonder, what would you be.

A doctor, a lawyer, or a singer on Glee, that future is unwritten but this I know.

You would be smart like your mother, which no one would be able to deny.

Athletic like your uncle, you would reach the sky.

And Mischevious like your father, defintely an apple of his eye.

I’m sorry you’re not here butterfly, it hurt my sister so.

But I know you’re in a better place, atlast your place is at his right hand.

Everytime I look to the sky it never ceases to amaze me, and I know its  in no small part to you.

Happy Birthday, Butterfly love Uncle Gary.


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BUTTERFLY is my new favorite word.

Don’t you love how delicate it can be.

Only the few will get this reference,
so don’t wonder why, so don’t even try.

Don’t you love how freeing it can be.

Only a few will learn this lesson,
so don’t even try, so don’t wonder why.

Don’t you love how powerful it can be.

BUTTERFLY is my new favorite word.


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Untitled 022011

Ye of little faith,
Its better to be bastards and lame
for falling on the sword
is fitting justice for the life lived

In the agony of morning life
until the evening of youth
We wonder its quandaries
and ponder its relevance

But accepting life’s fashion
is boon of our society
Tis Romeo to speak of it
and be Macbeth not to

As wee live and breath
Its there fore the taking
Yet to step on the ledge
will lead to a path greatly worn
following Star Trek’s motto

When embraced hurts
as much as it comforts
Only when one’s obedience is blind
will it reveal its secrets

Found in the twilight of life
When moors have been swam
and shores conquered
Only when our memory is like the elephant’s
Does one really consider it relevant

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GOD created all men equal, but man made a distinction.

That distinction is ignorance.

But ignorance should not stop you from loving any and everyone.

Remember, with loving anyone there is an inherent danger.

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“Nothing Sacred in America”

Nothing Sacred in America!


American’s live today in a world where nothing is sacred. We live in a world where aliens know our history better than we do. The majority of Americans, including myself, don’t know the details of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, but aliens do. Americans don’t take anything sacred anymore.

Nothing is sacred in America when its national symbol, a symbol of hope to millions doesn’t hold her weight. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddle masses yearning to breathe free…” has given way to Americans wanting to close the border. America wants to turn on the ideals that made this country once proud.

Where is the pride in a country where we fight a war because the leader’s father was threatened? Where is that sacred pride when America becomes the thing it’s fighting? When we America turns their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness over to government to feel a better sense of security. They do it without questioning the inherit dangers this possesses. Because questioning these things means to be unpatriotic. Americans are turning over their individuality of to be apart of the masses.

Nothing is sacred in America when defending the ideals of this national can polarize it. When patriotic defense of this nation’s ideals is met with terrorist reaction; are we really up holding those principles. Should we as Americans leave other nations to govern themselves and prepare our readiness. When the country has to advertise, “support our troops” and then treat them like garbage when they are injured in defense of these ideals.

America doesn’t emphasize, see the country; but follow its leaders. The same leaders that have degraded the ideals set forth by Adams, Livingston, Sherman, Jefferson and Franklin and substituted them for another “Benjamin”. Where are these sacred ideals when running for president means raising enough special interest money?

Nothing in America is sacred when you can’t beat questions supposedly that 5th graders should know. What was once apple pie, baseball, and family cookouts has given way to McDonalds, steroids, and eating in front of the television.

Where is the sacredness, when we turn catching criminals into entertainment; when will the execution of their punishment become entertainment. Has America really fallen that far by the waist side? What can American do to recover from this, or is this the modern America, devoid anything sacred but ready to push its agenda on others.

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Simper Fi

Simper Fi, Simper Fi;
what did you really leave behind;

Simper Fi, Simper Fi;
Stay your ass off that line;

Simper Fi, Simper Fi;
you’ve lost that time;

Simper Fi, Simper Fi;
next time I see you, it won’t be kind;

Simper Fi, Simper Fi;
You are dead, regardless of the time;

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“The Evil Is Infectious”

The evil is instinctious,
The evil is auspicious,
Whether it be by voice or mail,
The evil is infectious;

It spreads like cancer,
infecting us three,
from happy go lucky,
to arguing,

The evil is incredulous,
The evil is infectious,
Whether it be by voice or mail;
The evil is infectious;

Born in the DNA,
only calls with nothing to say,
never picks up the phone,
on the right day;

The evil is insidious,
The evil is infectious,
Whether it be by voice or mail,
The evil is infectious;

It disintegrates and invigorates,
the likes between us,
Breeding a caustic yet voracious appetite,
up upon our damnable souls.

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