The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves 1)

The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves 1) by Belinda Boring (Book 1)

What would you do if a simple errand takes a deadly twist, turning you from cautious prey to dangerous predator?

Someone is trying to send a deadly message to Mason, arranging the deaths of those he loves and it puts the entire pack and Alpha on high alert. Darcy understands the primal instincts driving her beloved Mason’s commands. With the help of those he sets as protectors, she learns about herself and the things she’ll need to help support her Alpha and pack. When events turn dire however, one truth offers her strength – once given, oaths are unbreakable … even if it means risking it all.

Author Note ~ This is the combined NOVEL LENGTH version of the Without Mercy, Cherished, and Blood Oath installments. It is approx. 66,265 words long.

I purchased The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves 1) for my Kindle just from the cover art and title. It wasn’t until after I finished reading that I read the description. I learned that it’s a combination of three short stories. Learning this explained a lot because it felt like two distinct stories being told. It was a reading rollercoaster.

Although this novel takes diggs at the Twilight Saga is like re-reading it with all the gushing and swooning, the demanding and overly protective mate in Edward Mason, and the perpetual damsel in distress, Bella Darcy. It even has a James archetype in Avery and even a Jacob too. Having the werewolves in the lead is a wanted change. But the fact remains even being a werewolf Darcy comes across as helpless as Bella.

Avery, and not to mention James, would fit perfectly with the vampires of Thicker than Water. His appearance is a pure delight to read. The way he incited chaos is worthy of calling him Loki, much to the chagrin of the one in Thicker than Water.

The highlights of this novel are the way Belinda Boring makes use of the werewolf and vampire mythology. It’s nothing new to paranormal readers but those subtle differences made it worth reading. After Avery leaves the story I was really disappointed until the very last chapter. That finally paragraph guaranteed that at some point I will read the next novel, Forget Get Me Not (Mystic Wolves 2). I can only hope that there’s a tonal change in the next book.

I give The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves 1) 2 out 5.

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