Yesterday’s Flight

Yesterday’s Flight by Martyn Ellington

Yesterday’s Flight is a thought-catching time travel novel written by first-time English author, Martyn Ellington. Yesterday’s Flight is a superb read with cleverly-written twist of events and takes the reader on an unexpected journey. When a Dinosaur fossil is unearthed in the Badlands of America the last thing Susan Lavey expected to see as the cause of death was the tail section of an airliner. Now together with Bruce Ackland, a chief air crash investigator, they must find out why and how this could have happened and what became of the passengers on board. William Relford was flying to yet another meeting, but this time it was to hand in his notice; he had worked in sales for as long as he liked to remember and now was the time for a change. But destiny has a way of changing things in ways we can’t imagine, and now it was about to bring them all together in a race for the truth and for one of them: their very survival!

Yesterday’s Flight is an amazing time-travel book. It gave me hope even when in the back of my mind I knew the inevitable was true. It made me question some of the things we as 21th century man take for granted; the things we cherish and the things we shouldn’t. We live in a world that is totally complacent.

As the present characters came to face the realities of their situation, it made me know this would be the typical government response. Then I thought… has this happened before? Will it happen again? Time is so fickle and obstinate at the same time.

Martyn Ellington has crafted a really amazingly somber tale that any science fiction, time traveling lover will read and enjoy. I like how the events create a circle.

This would be an amazing movie. It falls into so many genres; if done correct, people would enjoy it.

I give Yesterday’s Flight 5 out 5.


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