The Awakened: Book Two

The Awakened: Book One by Jason Tesar


Returning to his home city of Bastul, Kael finds the Southern Territory of the Orudan Empire under invasion. As he races to unravel the secrecy of the enemy’s identity, he becomes entangled in a brutal conspiracy to gain control of the government.

After years of collaboration with the Resistance, Maeryn coordinates the covert exodus of the entire slave population of Bastul. Along their treacherous journey to the capital city of Orud, she is faced with the pressures of leadership as she attempts to protect her daughter and ensure the survival of her companions.

Saba, held captive by a mysterious military force, escapes after years of solitary confinement. Propelled by an elusive memory, he chases after the hope of rediscovering his past and learns that everyone’s future is in jeopardy.

In book two of his debut series, Jason Tesar delves into the heart of an ancient legend, expanding an epic saga that will journey from earth’s mythological past to its post-apocalyptic future, blending the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and military/political suspense.


I have to say that after reading the debut of Jason Tesar, I was excitedly anticipating the second book, The Awakening: Book Two. It starts with a cryptic opening scene with Aldair and leaves the reader still questioning the fate of this character. Then the book continues with the narratives of Kael, Maeryn, and Saba. You are going to have to be patience with this one.

It completely starts telling the narrative of this book without answering this reader’s blaring questions from the first book. The majority of this read was frustrating to me… ignorance was not bliss to me. The characters were less dynamic that the first book but so much more familial. From around 23% to 85%, of the book, Mr. Tesar, sets up his story like a master illusionist, giving this reader what I thought were random and pointless stories.

As with everything in natural, it has symmetry. Symmetry he reveals in his own time. When I got to the end it reminded me of the line in the Matrix, Know thy self. It felt like I didn’t recognize the symmetry until I was ready for it to be revealed to me.

As I read it on a Kindle, my patience was rewarded the last 15% of the novel. This is where the three narratives start to come together and gets excitingly captivating. It’s like eating the Brussels sprouts to get to the French fries and steak. Everything I read before was needed to get to this point. But once I got there all the frustrations of the middle 62% are alleviated and forgiven.

What I wanted to happen and what did was shocking and astonishingly different. It ended on a high note that invigorated my wanting to read the third novel. The Awakening: Book Two closed some of my questions from the first, made me start asking new questions, and morphed some of the questions I still have left. Prime example: Where is Aldair? I have my suspicions and I’m hoping I’m correct but the one thing I do know based on Jason Tesar’s first two books, I will not be disappointed with the answers that I find.


I give The Awakened: Book Two 4 out 5.


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