Death of Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton is the author of the first novel I read for myself that didn’t have pictures. He’s that man that brought my reading to an adult level. Jurassic Park was that novel and I had just graduated from high school. He’s been my favorite author ever since.

To wake up and find out that my favorite was dead. It hurt because I knew that I would never have a new novel from him. Then I felt that the world had lost a great renaissance man. The world is a little dark because of that fact.

He dead of cancer at the age of 66. He was a doctor before he starting writing. He created the television show ER in addition to the books he’s written.

His style was always exciting to read and informative to me. Even with the fantastical that was in his book he made it seem that we were always on the verge of reality. Although Jurassic Park was my first but my favorite Crichton novel is and will now always be Timeline.

I will miss looking forward to the next book… and safe passage on your next adventure.


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