“JLA, Vol. 7: Tower of Babel”

jla-towerofbabel.jpg“JLA Vol. 7: Tower of Babel” by Mark Waid


The JLA is the single most powerful group of siper-heroes ever to be assembled and they’re dropping like flies!

Batman’s secret flies on the Justice League have fallen into the hands of one of his oldest and deadliest foes __ Ra’s al Ghul! Now, Superman, Wonder Women, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Latern, Plastic Man and the Flash are being led into trans specifically engineered to counteract their remarkable abilities.

The JLA faces its greatest challenge – possible treason within their own ranks! Will the JLA survive? And if they do, can Batman’s hand in their betrayal ever be forgiven? The answers lie inside. – From the back cover.

“JLA: Tower of Babel” is not only a entertaining graphic novel but adds an deeper level to of DC Comics major characters. Most significant in this is the level of paranoid Batman has for his compatriot in the Justice League of America.

This is a complete story that a every fan of comics. Fans of Batman, as he the hero/villain of this book, will especially appreciate it. I didn’t get the big picture until middle ways through but it was an interesting journey.

It showed that even the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe could be defeated. It is interesting how JLA Members weaknesses were exploited. There weaknesses are simply character flaws of each hero and that’s why a fan will love the story told.

“JLA: Tower of Babel” is a masterpiece brought to us by several writers and artist. The repercussion from what happens in this book can be felt through out the DC Universe. This will show readers just how Batman is the most human, yet psychological flaw character in comic book history.

As a reader of the DCU I will never look at Batman the same again. I personally applauded Batman’s action and admonish the JLA for their stance on the situation. In a post ‘9/11’ climate I think we want our hero’s to take a stronger stance against villains and be prepare for a worst case scenario.

If you don’t like “JLA: Tower of Babel” then you don’t like character development. This story is full of character development and a changing of the guard. After this each character had to reevaluate his or her situation. They had to take a personal inventory gut check and I think each character was better for it.


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