“Hulk: The Incredible Guide”

hulk-theincredibleguide.jpg“Hulk: The Incredible Guide” by Tom DeFalco

Welcome to the nightmarish world of Dr. Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk!

A ticking bomb! A 700-pound engine of destruction! NO words can fully convey the awesome power that us unleashed when rage consumes Dr. Bruce Banner and the Hulk emerges, roaring, “Hulk – smash!”

Hulk: The Incredible Guide captures the full legend of this Marvel Comics superhero, who has been thrilling fans for more than 40 years. Discover the secret of the Hulk’s superhuman powers, and of the weird multiple personalities lurking within Bruce Banner’s fractured psyche! – From the back cover.

Having never really been a fan of the comics, I was exposed to the television series that was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid and the movie by Ang Lee. “Hulk: The Incredible Guide” gave insight into this character that I never knew. The Hulk is a more complex character that most people characterize him as. Knowing what I know now Ang Lee only showed a small aspect of the character and that’s one of the reason hardcore ‘Hulk” fans were disappointed.

“Hulk: The Incredible Guide” gives what I imagine as a complete history of the character at the point of its publication. It gives detailed differences between the different Hulks, something I never knew. Any reader of this book will find some of these facts about the character amazing.

At first I thought it was a big book for little kids miss placed, but after reading it this is a book for young adult. It need to be big to appreciated the character. With amazing drawing accompanying the facts given in this book all whom read it will appreciate the character more.

I think the most interesting thing about this book is how it gives its information. It breaks it down by the decades of publication and highlights the major events and villains of each decade to his final demise. I think the end of the Hulk is the most startling and moving drawings I have seen in comics today. After reading this book from cover to cover you will understand why.

The history of this character is rich and also tragic. He is a character that is often dismissed as an overzealous Neanderthal, which is such a mischaracterization. “The Hulk” is a complex characterization of several more established tales combined to create a character that has stood the test of time. He is a character that most people find as a commentary of the id psyche of most people.


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