“The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1: Coming Home”

theamazingspider-man.jpg“The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1: Coming Home” by J. Michael Straczynski

Alone. Throughout his life, Peter Parker has often felt alone. When he first discovered his spider-like abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider, he kept them secret. His attempts to exploit them for profit resulted in his Uncle Ben’s murder. Later, his attempts at maintaining the secret from his first love, Gwen Stacy, resulted in her death. It seemed as though no one understood the difficult balance between mortal and hero.

Until now, that is. A mysterious figure appears suddenly. Exhibiting similar powers to Peter. He can stick to walls and jump from building to building, just like the wall-crawler. Who is this mystery man? Who are the people he represents? And what is the ancient evil that has arrived in America in Search of Peter?

Reprints of Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 #30 –35. – From back cover

“Coming Home” is an interesting story telling Peter of the origin of the power he “inherited” from the spider. Peter meets Ezekiel and with this meeting makes him redefine the concepts that he formulated about his powers. On the heels of this meeting Spider-Man must now content with an evil bent on his destruction, which never tires, and just keeps coming. Even with all of that it’s the ending of this graphic novel that makes it interesting to me, Aunt May’s discovery of Peter being Spider-Man.

This marks the beginning of J. Michael Straczynski writing run on “The Amazing Spider-Man” and he starts off with a bang. Right out of the gate he gives Peter a life changing moment. Making him to question the nature of his powers. He gives a well-established conception a new twist readers will find intriguing. It’s a great start to what could potentially be some of the best storytelling in Spider-Man history.

“Coming Home” is creatively drawn. Displaying some of the more poignant and distinctive moments to highlight the action to be portrayed. The coloring is vibrant and full of action, standing out even in the night sequence. John Romita Jr. accentuated the writing from Straczynski.


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