wildside.jpg“Wildside” by Steven Gould

Forget the lottery.

Teenager Charlie Newell has just discovered something that will make him and his friends billionaires. What if a world existed in which no humans ever evolved? No cities. No pollution. No laws. A fantastic world filled with unimaginable riches in which everything—everything—was yours just for the taking?

Charlie has found that world. And he plans to use it to make him and his friends rich.

There is a problem: How do you keep something this big a secret? –From back cover

The second novel from Steven Gould, “Wildside” continues the storytelling style introduced in “Jumper”. It is an amazing, page turning science fiction tale. Just when you think you have this story pegged Gould throws you a curve in the plot. It a story with a arc that he plays off for the reader.

The adventure in the story is over told with references to fly, that I fell was part of the adventure for Steven Gould to write. For some the details to which he incorporates aviation into his story could be distracting, but I felt that he was trying to put the reader in this “new world” by relating to aviation. It was this aspect of aviation that reader needed to be literate in and he does just that.

As this is the second book I’ve read by Steven Gould, a recurring is government totalitarian fascism. His writing reflects the United States cold war mentality. Where everything not controlled by the governments is a “threat to national security”. Although written more than ten years ago, this theme rings true even more today.

You instantly come to care for Charlie and his friends. You root for the striving for the American Dream and trying to succeed. I admired Charlie entrepreneurial drive. The way he looks to protect his friends and family. How he thought to protect this untapped world at all cost. Although some of his motives were unjust every action he takes is justified.

If you looking to read an engaging, alternative dimension science fiction story “Wildside” will not disappoint. If you have never read Steven Gould this is another fine representative of his writing style. Another great book by Gould is his debut “Jumper”.


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