“Star Wars: Dark Empire I”

starwars-darkempire-1.jpg“Star Wars: Dark Empire I” by Tom Veitch

Six years after the Battle of Endor, The Empire has been reborn –guided by a mysterious new leader, and possessed of a weapon more terrifying than the Death Stars.

Princess Leia and her husband Han Solo struggle to hold the fledgling New republic together, even as they fight to protect their unborn child from the bounty hunters and imperial troops who dog their steps, but their greatest danger my lie in the troubled heart of a hero – as Luke Skywalker succumbs to the lure of the dark side!

I as many want the final three episodes. I found this on the shelf of my public library. Published by Dark Horse comics I don’t know if its George Lucas canon but its holds an interesting tale told between its covers. It expanded the universe and continued the struggles our heroes have even after the downfall of the emperor. It showed Leia as having recognized her connection to the force and showing signs of Luke’s tutelage.

“Dark Empire I” held that same fast pace, swashbuckling adventure that Episodes 4-6 had. The dialogue and draw brought you back into a familiar world. If you’re familiar with the movies then you can instantly jump into this story.Remembering the journey Luke took in “Return of the Jedi” its interesting to see the return of an old foe, and his tempting embrace the dark side. What was most surprising for me was Leia abilities with the force. The way she started to embrace the force and how strong her connection to her brother was. Seeing her weld a lightsaber was especially satisfying.

It’s been bound into three volumes. This is only Volume one it only has the first six comics of the series. I have not been able to get my hands on Dark Empire 2 or Empire’s End. This was a third edition published in 2003. If anyone out there knows where I could get a hold of the final two volumes of the Empire trilogy, I would greatly appreciate it.


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