“Blood and Chocolate”

bloodandchocolate.gif“Blood and Chocolate” by Annette Curtis Klause

“Blood and Chocolate” is a romantic supernatural loup-garou (werewolf) novel for young adult readers by Annette Curtis Klause. It is set in an alternate universe where loup-garoux secretly live among humans in contemporary America. These loup-garoux are a separate species from humans, calling themselves Homo lupus. They were human whom the goddess of the moon blessed with the power to shapeshift. The book’s main character Vivian, a sixteen-year-old loup-garou its about her growth finding love with a forbidden Homo sapien, named Aiden.

I picked up this book because Lakeshore Entertainment starring Agnes Bruckner, Hugh Dancy, and Olivier Martinez are making it into a film. It was an interesting story. I found that Klause used Vivan’s growing love and confusion for Aiden as an allusion to girls growth into woman hood.

At the start she was introverted and as the book progress she became extraverted. It’s a complete story from Vivian’s point of view where Klause shows that her young leads to misunderstanding for the characters point of view.

Its more like her diary cataloging events in life that led to her becoming a woman in her eyes and the eyes of her pack. Shows her maturing and finally realizing that character that she understood had her well being at heart.

If you are thinking of seeing this movie I would in courage you to read the book. From everything I read the adaptation misunderstood what Annette Curtis Klause was trying to. Its changed so dramatically that it’s a totally different from the book, only the character name are the same.



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9 responses to ““Blood and Chocolate”

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  2. Mandi

    the movie was horrible. it has nothing to do with book, except that they fall in love. they ruined they whole book.

  3. Ayame

    the book was awesome the movie was ok, but i think that they should have kept to the storyline of the book, they kinda ruined it,

  4. Astride

    My point is, why name the movie “Blood and Chocolate?” With all the changes that were made from the book, the script could have stood as an original piece. A person who might want to adapt the book in the future as a film (maybe me) will have to remember it was done before…although…it really wasn’t.

  5. Amanda

    agreeed, the movie was not good at all
    the book was amazing

  6. Clair

    I watched the movie first and I really didn’t like Aidan, but then I read the book. I LOVE the book, but the movie sucks. I actually wasn’t sad when Vivian doesn’t end up with Aidan, she made Gabriel sound so delicious all through out the book and Aidan sound like some hippie-child that could not stand up to all that man power!!! I mean, I liked the visuality of the movie and all and it could just stand as its own story with some parts taken out obviously. But yes…ooh, I’m rambling. Anyways, loved the book…waaay better than the movie!!!

  7. Danzig

    I loved the book, and it has bean the only one yet to make me cry. I alomost wanted to name my kid Vivian.

  8. Sitwat

    We need men like him in real life :/


    I agree the movie was TOTALLY diffrent but both were dumb no offence anyone

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