“The Death and Life of Superman”

thedeathandlifeofsuperman.jpg“The Death and Life of Superman” by Roger Stern

This is the novelization of the comic book arc that became a world media event during 1993. This comic book story arc is Superman fighting the unknown entity dubbed “Doomsday” to the point of his supposed death, the resurrection of four different heroes claiming the mantle of ‘Superman’, and the true Superman’s rebirth to reclaim his mantle.

Before this I knew of comic books but never really read them. I thought they were for little kids. After reading this novelization it made me put away those misconception and take them seriously. I still like reading novelization but I have a new found affinity for graphic novel.

This book was my baptism into the comic book world and although I never gotten into collecting comics, I love the graphic novels and novelizations. This story helped me get through a tough time in my life. I read this book constantly once I finished it I would start it over. I read it at least 26 times from August 1995 to January 1996, and have read it at least once every two-year since.

It showed me that comic books have interesting story telling and are very entertaining. It you have never read a novelization of a comic book this is a great first introduction. It captures with words what the comic and the graphic novel do with pictures. You feel for Superman and those that love him. Even when your reading the death of Superman, it has the impact of a hit in the gut.

Roger Stern blends the past and present events in Superman’s history beautifully. Stern story telling drives you through the book and it makes you want to continue the story. “The Death and Life of Superman” gave me a glimpse at an American icon and showed me a side of the hero that I have never experienced. It gives vivid descriptions that allow you to use your imagination. Having not really paid attention to the media hype when it was happening, it made me see why it was such a big deal.


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  1. Return to Krypton, I never heard of this book.

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