“Theories of the Third Inheritance Book”

Who is the third Dragon Rider?
My guess are Katrina or Arya, as its likely the next rider will be female. As so far all riders alive are male. Katrina has been capture by Galbatorix at the beginning of Eldest and has been captive as long as Murtugh who was revealed as a rider. It could be Arya because of theory number two.

What is the weapon under the Menoa Tree?
Solembum’s words. “When the time comes and you need a weapon, look under the roots of the Menoa tree. But what will this weapon be? One of the definitions of root means origin. The origin of the Menoa will be his weapon. Meaning that Eragon uses the origin of the Menoa tree to defeat Galbatorix by using his love for Arya, if she is the new rider.

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19 responses to ““Theories of the Third Inheritance Book”

  1. Dillan

    defeat arya?!?!
    and why would he do that, also why would the new rider join galbatorix at all, i believe the new rider to be an elf although arya seems to obvious, i also believe it to be female. Which leaves Katrina if an elf doesnt take the place.

  2. Brittany

    Is it possible that the new rider will be a dwarf? Considering in the books it refers to the fact that no dwarf has ever been a rider… foreshadowing maybe? Just a thought.

  3. As most dwarfs have an averison to dragons I think it’s highly unlikely that dawrves will be added to the Blood Oath Pact.

  4. Ronan

    G conway said it is high unlikely that the new rider will be a dwarf, personally i think Katrina is most likely to be the rider or now i think this is a bit unlikely but Roran or Jeod. those two are very unlikely to get but i think it is still a possibilty

  5. Whitney

    I think it will be Arya or Katrina, like you suggested. I saw somewhere that the last dragon egg was green. Is this just my wild imagionation or has someone eles seen it too?
    I just finished reading Eldest & can’t wait for the next book anyone know when it’ll come out, or for that matter, anything bout it?

  6. Chantelle

    This is just a thought, is it possible that galbatorix could be the 3rd dragon rider because he is a dragon rider after all, lol i love his dragon it’s so black

  7. Jacob

    i think the new dragon will be greeni honestly doubt katrina jeod or arya will be the new rider though. i also believe that Orik will become king. and possibly eragon will get a blue sword from under the menoa tree, and maybe the seven words of power brom whispered to eragon will be used to defeat galbatorix and murtagh.

  8. mdog

    3rd is going to be arya she doesn’t need to be trained, her magic is green so is the dragon’s color, it just makes sense

  9. pac-man

    i think its going to be either arya or katrina but the possiblity that its a dwarf is highly unlikely being as though dwarves are afraid of hights but it also could be roan or joed hell who knows maybe its the queen herself???

  10. Dbro

    i think the third rider would be arya because when u think about it has to be her cause who else would be the new rider and also sapphira will have to mate and its obvious that she will mate with the green dragon because she cant mate with thorn or shurikan and eragon loves arya so it would be perfect because of the mental between dragon and rider that would mean arya would fall in love with eragon case closed

  11. toon

    i think it is most likely goin to be somethin so unexpexted and prob some1 we dun know or it could be like people say (Arya)

  12. Dbro

    Just to clarify what Mdog says Arya’s magic may be green but it doesn’t mean anything if a rider hasn’t bonded with a dragon

  13. bp

    why is Roran such a bad choice? It would make sense to keep it in the family. Between Morzan, Eragon, and Murtagh why not another member of the family? Plus we know Roran goes with eragon to kill the razak, what better place to hide the last egg than at Helgrind (especially after Galby lost an egg in his own palace). Just wondering if you guys know something I don’t?

  14. The characterization of Roran at the end of Eldest seem that Roran may be inline to become King of Alagaesia.

  15. Christopher Paolini is a fake

    The second movie is going to suck just like the second book, aswell as any of the other movies. Eragon the movie was just as entertaining as watching people stumble out of the Cloverfield movie puking w/ extreme vertigo. (Sapphira was awesome, Eragon was just a complete dolt) I am just surprised that Paolini hasn’t been sued from copyright infringements. Hopefully the universe of dragonrider movies will be rescued when the new movie “Temeraire” comes out in 2009-10. This movie is based off the novel series by Naomi Novik.

  16. jonathan

    Arya will def be the new rider

  17. jonathan

    i think arya already bonded with the green dragon and that izladndi the elven queen knows. that is why arya has a tatoo of yawe and that is why her magic is green

  18. Bdan

    Ok heres a thought, katrina was kidnapped for one of 3 reasons, the third one if the first 2 arent right. They knew she might be a dragon rider, so they took her, 2 they know roran is a dragon rider so they took her to get to him. 3 they knew eragon would help his cousin get katrina back, and they want him. (they meaning galbatorix and all servents, murtaugh ect….)
    so anyway alot of people are saying that it is arya. I personally think its not. Chris has a way of suprising us and she is like the most anticipated person of all. MY opinion on this is it is going to be elva. you no that little girl eragon accidently cursed… ya well i think shes going to be the 3rd dragon rider i mean she already has a strong contection with magic through another rider so she “kinda” has a link with dragons too, well i dunno its a theory so who nos, well just have to wait for the book.

  19. jacob

    i think that under the menoa tree is another (wait for it)

    DRAGON EGG!!!!!! it makes sense eragon wont be able to sense the egg too much energy from the tree

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