eldest.jpg“Eldest” by Christopher Paolini

“Eldest” is the second book in the Inheritance trilogy. It is the sequel to Eragon. It continues the story of Eragon after the battle of Tronjheim and his training with the elves of Ellesméra, and the battle of Surda. Eldest was first published in hardcover on August 23, 2005, and was released in paperback in March 2007. Like Eragon, Eldest became a New York Times bestseller. – Description for wikipedia

I think this book establishes itself from the derived nature of the first but still has allusion to Star Wars. Granted Star Wars is one of the greatest stories ever conceived; Eldest moves further away to create its own world and characters that Paolini expands and elevates to new heights.

“Eldest” is by far a more descriptive, in-depth and more imaginative. He established the world in “Eragon” and then took the reader on a new journey that continues Eragon’s growth but also shows new and distinct places with rich histories in world of Alagaësia.

As in his age Paolini has developed as a mature, prolific and entertaining writer. The directions that he takes his characters are what drive the story. The surprises that he throws at you are far between but they are entertaining and satisfying when they happen.

Even if you have never read “Eragon” you can navigate your way through this story but its more rewarding to have that background information. It is still entertaining in its own right but a great addition to the continuing tale of “Eragon”.

If you hope to see this own film don’t hold your breath. The hack job the filmmakers did with Eragon left several key elements from the movie. Only about a third of the book made it into the film, Some of the minor plots in “Eragon” became major plots that drive “Eldest” where entirely left out Eragon (film).

This is a great setup to the final book. There are so many questions left unanswered it will be interesting to see how Paolini handles the situation he has written himself into. Many theories are out there and I have highlighted a few on this entry.


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