“Loving Me”

When will you love me for the soul I posses?
When will I stop seeking the love so desperately desired within myself.
When will my love for self be so powerful that it no longer matters?
Will I love me, when I am old and wrinkled?
Will I still see me as the vital woman I am,
even when I am left alone,
by a man, that cannot love the woman that I am.
Can I see the world through my own eyes
and not be consumed by the heart of the dead.
Can I see beyond the trial of today for the victory of tomorrow.
Will I be consumed with your lies with your deceit? The answer is unequivocally NO,
but to all the proceedings YES,
I will love the very essence of me
and embrace the very power that I posses,
without living for the affections of a man,
seek the affection within me
and live a WHOLE life,
without the limited limitations placed because of the perceptions of man.


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Filed under 2006, Conway, Jessica L., Original Works, Poetry

One response to ““Loving Me”

  1. I like this. Tis very good. What were you going through, but this will help someone who is going through this thing you obviously were.

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